Artistic & Cultural Concept

The decoration of our hotel intends to honour the pre-Columbian cultures and to show respect to the indígenas (natives) and their ideologies of a unity of nature and cosmos

Furthermore, we integrate modern Costa Rican art in our hotel‘s design and are always looking for artists with unique suggestions on how to outline Latin American culture, like Hernán Arrevalo or Marielos Miranda.

A centrally located and professional place

The boutique hotel is situated in the street „La Luz“ (Calle 33, between Avenidas 3 and 5) in Escalante district which is known for its neo-colonial villas, green streets and squares, surrounded by a wide range of gastronomic offerings.

The name (Calle la Luz) “street light” is because  the electric light in san jose was inaugurated in 1884

Our boutique hotel Luz de Luna offers a familiar and comfy atmosphere in a neo-colonial villa. The high quality furniture and design are part of a professional, touristic concept that aims for excellence in every aspect.